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Key is royalty
And we danced all night to the best songs ever~ ♡ {#teentop #teentopcolombia #teentophighkick #kpop #amazing}
The countdown has started! 
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I'm going to receive a lot of hate for this but I have to vent...


I’m so tired of people acting so damn righteous about the baekyeon situation. If I hear one more person bitch about how it’s ridiculous that Taeyeon had to apologize “for being in love” I’m going to go crazy. First of all they’ve been dating for a few months, I highly doubt that they are madly in…

I seriously forget sometimes that Baekhyun is a man with a penis


I think I may know why SM chose now to release ‘Baekyeon’.

One of the things in Kris’s lawsuit says that SM controlled who he dated and intimacy. By ‘accidentally’ letting Baek and Taeyeon get photographed, they make Kris looked stupid because SM claims these two were dating since February….

is this how baekhyun went from dumbbaek to a sex machine in one promotion cycle

because he was secretly geTTIN IT FOR FOUR MONTHS



This overdose era is almost as dramatic as the USA government.

Track: "kim junmyeon y'all"